Welcome to 7th Grade!

7th Grade Homeroom and Religion
Please refer to the math program site for math information

Hello Incoming 7th grade Students and Families,

Please feel free to read through the 7th grade curriculum by clicking on the "Back-to School Curriculum" pdf below. We have outlined the curriculum that we will be covering this year by subject area. Also, please know that we follow the CA State Standards and our Oakland Diocesan Standards. 

Please know that should you have any questions with regards to what is being covered, we encourage you to reach out and contact me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and can point you in the right direction.

Mr. Travis Pacos: Home Room 7th grade, 7th Grade Religion and Jr. High Math

English Language Arts: Mrs. Messier
Social Studies: Mr. Alioto
Math: Mr. Pacos
            Mrs. Sanders
Religion: Mr. Pacos and Mrs. Bellows
Spanish: Mrs. Hernandez
Physical Education: Mr. Mortensen 
Art Appreciation/Drawing: Mrs. Bennett
Music: Mrs. Droulliard

Instructional Assistants:
Mrs. Fregulia, Mrs. Cardoza and Mrs. Mooney

Mr. Pacos

The 7th Grade Classroom Rules & Consequences


1.     Be kind to everyone

2.     Do not go into other peoples desk without permission no matter what, and respect classmates items (“NO            cubby/desk peeking”)

3.     Turn in homework

4.     No speaking out of turn or at inappropriate times

5.     Always try your best

6.   Follow instructions

7.     Be prepared


Possible Positive Consequences 

1.     Extra recess

2.     Fun activity

3.     Group points

4.     Movie

5.    Class party

Possible Negative Consequences 

1.    No recess

2.     Conduct referral

3.     Detention

4.     Sent to office

5.     Lose group points

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Mrs. Lisa Sanders,
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